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how to clean a dirty broom

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yes whyour broom is for cleaning, but the things that for Cleanliness also needs to be cleaned itself. You shouldn’t push a dirty appliance across the floor expecting it to Not to be hindered in your quest to stop the floor from getting dirty. Clean swabs are more effective, so it’s worth taking some time to do this. deck yourself up If it’s been a while (or ever) since you did this. Here’s what you have to do.

remove the big junk first

You may notice larger debris that gets easily caught in your broom, such as hair and lint, and that’s the first schmutz when you start cleaning. maids by tradeOne household cleaning company recommends taking your broom outside and hitting it against a tree or other solid object hard enough to dislodge dust and loose debris from the bristles.

soak the broom

In some cases, a good smacking is enoughBut also make a habit of deep cleaning from time to time-Your broom needs to be handled about once a month and after any major cleaning. Starting from cleaning your broom with a wide tooth comb To get out the dust that is actually trapped inside the bristles.

Fill a bucket with warm, soapy water and soak the broom in it for 30 minutes. Made By Trade is clear that it doesn’t matter whether your bristle material is natural or synthetic, as both can be cleaned in this way. Use the soaking time to disinfect your handles with your favorite product and when the half hour is up, rinse your head with warm water before laying it bristle-side-up to dry in the shower Go

Position the broom to maximize cleaning

To keep the broom clean, it is very important to keep it properly. hang yourself if you can using a designated holder So the bristles don’t touch the floor when not in use. Do not keep it in your dark room after a bath until it is completely dry; You don’t want mildew or mold to build up on the bristles,

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