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How to care for a real Christmas tree: A kitchen staple can make your spruce ‘glowing’

Real Christmas trees look and smell wonderful during the festive season, adding vibrancy, light and splashes of color to the short, winter days. However, real Christmas trees require constant care and attention in order for them to flourish until Twelfth Night and beyond. Jade Robertson of leading flower delivery service Prestige Flowers has shared exclusively with, four key pieces of advice that people should remember to make the most of their Christmas tree.

Jade said: “Choosing a real tree is a big part of Christmas for many people and you want to make sure it’s still looking good come the first week of January.

“In the same way that you should spend a little time trimming, arranging, positioning and watering a bunch of flowers when you receive them, the same should be said for a Christmas tree.”

Add sugar

One of Jade’s most unusual tips was to use a kitchen staple – sugar – to “glaze up” the Christmas trees. Often, sugar is used to strengthen and polish cut flowers in vases.

The same method can be used for Christmas trees, with some experts claiming that the tip acts as an artificial sap or food for the tree, giving it additional nutrients to help it thrive longer .

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Homeowners will need to make sure they trim the trunk of the tree so that it can absorb plenty of water.

Jed said: “About half an inch should be fine and remember to trim it straight, not oblique as you would with flower stems.”


Next comes the decision of where to place your tree. While many will naturally place in a window in front of their home, this can actually harm the tree’s festive foliage.

Jed said: “Ideally you should keep your tree away from sources of heat that can dry out your tree.

“If your windows get a lot of sunlight, you should avoid placing your yuletide evergreens in front of them.

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“For the same reason, you should also avoid planting trees in front of radiators or anywhere else where heat damage could occur.

“If your tree dries out too much it will shorten its lifespan significantly.”


Once your tree is in good condition, it is important to keep it fresh by watering it regularly.

Jed said: “How you water your tree will depend on what kind of stand you have but if you have a reservoir, make sure the water is above the base of the stem at all times.

“If your tree dries out it won’t last long and the needles will start to drop.”

According to B&Q, Christmas trees need to be watered every day to keep them looking thick and full.

Dehydrated trees will begin to wither and wither. Add about 500 ml of water per day to the tree.

Those who have Christmas trees in pots are encouraged to repot their little trees so they can enjoy them next year.

Jade said: “Replanting your tree is a great way to be more environmentally conscious and will save you money come next year.”

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