How often to water orchids to keep them ‘thriving’ – watering ‘correctly’ is ‘key’

Orchid roots differ dramatically from other plant roots because they grow out of the pot and are known as aerial roots. They get exposed to air instead of digging into the potting media. However, the roots won’t tell you whether or not the plant needs watering, which makes it quite difficult to know if it needs hydrating.

According to the houseplant experts at BabyBio, watering an orchid “correctly” is “critical” to ensure it will continue to thrive and flower.

Because this houseplant is susceptible to root rot, it can die if left to sit in wet potting mix. Similarly, if it is not given enough water and conditions are too dry, the roots may shrivel.

The pros explain: “In winter, watering once every 10 days is usually enough for it to thrive,

“But it’s always best to check the moisture content of the compost before watering to make sure you’re not overwatering it.

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If they appear soft and brown, that’s a sign they’ve been sitting in water and haven’t been able to drain effectively.

This can lead to root rot which can eventually kill the plant if not remedied as soon as possible.

The experts said: “If they appear dry and shriveled, it could indicate they haven’t had enough water over time.

“Healthy roots will be firm, plump and white. Another easy way to tell is to observe the leaves – loose or yellowing leaves are often a sign of over-watering, while wilted or wrinkled leaves suggest that the orchid needs too much water.” is required.

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When watering orchids, it is best to use filtered or tap water to avoid damaging the roots.

It should be room temperature because too cold water can shock the roots.

Houseplant owners should avoid using ice cubes to water their orchids, a trend that has been circulating on social media lately.

Natalie Devereux, product specialist at Serenata Flowers, told “Watering orchids with ice cubes is a controversial topic among growers.

“The takeaway for this method is that it simplifies the watering routine, makes it easier for beginners and prevents over-watering.

“But plants, like humans, have varying water needs depending on external factors.

“We always recommend using your senses and instinct rather than a method or routine.

“We also suggest that you use room temperature water when watering most plants as very cold water can shock the roots, so this is also a risk of using ice cubes.”

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