How Lord Krishna Look Like ?

Lets Find out How Lord Krishna Look Like ?

One day, Krishna went to steal butter in one gopi’s house. He was caught by gopi’s mother in law. She became very angry and said to tie him up. She called her daughter in law (gopi), to tie him in pillar.

How Lord Krishna Look Like ?

How Krishna Look Like ?

Gopi- My mother in law, has provided me task to tie you here.

Krishna- Leave me! Leave me , please! In the name of you father, leave me in the name of your husband, leave me in the name of your mother…

Gopi- Kanhaiya, your trick will not work. Come, I will take you to pillar and tie you there.

She brought Krishna near pillar.

Gopi- Okay, now put your hands in pillar so I can tie you.

Krishna puts his hand in pillar.

Gopi- (thinking) Oh my… What a delicate hand! It has such a beautiful bluish sapphire complexion. I don’t know what is more soft, his hand or makhan. My mother in law has provided me toughest task in the world. What if this rope will hurt his hand! This nails, with red tint having half moon.

Then , she looked to Krishna (How Lord Krishna Look Like ?)

Gopi- (Thinking) How can I resist the arrow shooted from this eye. This arrow, has gone soo deep and has capability to scatter my whole heart. Big lotus eye, always bee is confused about his eye and lotus,with black eye colour. Already made my heart shiver and body tremble by this eye. His eyebrows, curved such that all gods and goddesses, together came to create that eyebrows.

His lip, crimson coloured lip. I am jealous of that parrot (Suka), who sits on shoulder of him and look beautiful lip. Not only looking , he thinks Krishna’s lip to be bimba fruit, and puts his beak in the lip. Such shiny red lip which is always seen with smile.

His teeth, like a jasmine flower. Even the finest pearls are ashamed after looking the teeth. So white, and well proportionate.

His hair, black curly and very lustrous. The string of hair, always trying to come in his cheek and trying to kiss this soft cheek. Wind always trying to play with his hair . His earrings, always trying to touch the neck of Krishna. The flower in vaijyanti garland, which feels most fortunate to be decorated in his neck.

His cheek, red blue- sapphire complexion cheek, with nice cheekbones. His innocent face and beauty from which there is no men and women in tri-loka, who is not attracted to him. His beauty , that surpasses trillions of kama-deva. I think moon is shadow of his beauty.

His broad chest, with peaked ribs on it. Their lies ‘srivastava chinha’ indicating godess Mahalakshmi, to be sitting in his heart. His rising chest was trying to come to peace talks with doors of jewels, and His waist, very slender and thin like narrow river.

His arms, mighty and like a shoulder arms minimizing values of bolts of door. His thighs, like elephant trunk.How Lord Krishna Look Like ?

His lotus feet, to get the dust of which devatas are always trying. That lotus feet when dipped into yamuna nadi, it becomes purified. My heart is broken everytime, when this feet would get hurt by stones. I think creator has done biggest mistake, by creating eyelids. Even blinking my eye and not seeing him for second would be whole yuga for me.How Lord Krishna Look Like ?

Listen now Somvar vrat katha

Meanwhile, Krishna said

Krishna- What happened? You are not going to tie me?

Gopi- ( looking to hand) I am going to, but… I forgot.

Krishna- Forgot what?

Gopi- (still enchanted by beauty) I forgot how to tie.

Krishna laughed and said

Krishna- Don’t you worry, I will teach you. I have come in this earth to teach. So put your hands on pillar first. I will tie you, and open and you can tie me up. How Lord Krishna Look Like ?

Gopi- But you have to untie me , huh!

Krishna– Okay! Put your hand in khamba.

Gopi puts hand in pillar.

Krishna- Okay so, you have to do one lapeta, two lapeta, three lapeta, one knot, one again knot, one more knot…Like this you tie. How Lord Krishna Look Like ?

Gopi- Okay, you teach so nicely. Now untie me!

Krishna- You know, I am a bit tired. I will come after drinking water.

And he ran away! After sometimes, mother in law saw her daughter in law tied up rather than Krishna. This is How Lord Krishna Look Like


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