Houseplant Care: Gardeners Told To ‘Don’t Use Tap Water’ On Houseplants In Winter

However, it is important to note that the preferred environment of the plant will depend on the species of houseplant.

The experts elaborated: “Plants such as the ponytail palm and aloe vera can withstand high temperatures, hardy varieties such as the cast iron plant are not bothered by drought, while bonsai trees are sensitive to light breezes, so relocating Always do your research first.

“Don’t forget that heating dries out the air in our homes fairly quickly, which can cause crisp, dry leaves, so invest in a humidifier or place your plants next to a tray of pebbles in a shallow layer of water. Moisture. Remember to mist regularly, too.”

the sunlight

Sunlight is vital for plants to survive, however, it is often in short supply during the winter months.

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