History’s 10 Most Successful Pirates (And What They Teach Us About Work)

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Any list of pirate lessons has to start with the negative example of Stead Bonnet, one of the most ridiculous (but surprising) pirates in history. Most “Golden Age” pirates took to their line of work because they didn’t have many other options, but Steed Bonnet was not. The Gentleman Pirate was from a wealthy family, and lived the orderly, comfortable life of a family man in Jamaica. But one day around 1716, for reasons lost to history, Bonnet left everything behind for a dangerous, violent life of piracy. he bought a ship, named it the revengeHired 70 experienced men to man it and set out to sea.

It did not go well.

After a few minor victories thanks mostly to his experienced crew, Bonnet was seriously wounded after attacking a Spanish man-o-war. He then entered into a “partnership” with Edward “Blackbeard” Teach, a feared real pirate. Team-up Tich ends with double-crossing bonnet and theft the revenge And all the sweet, lovely booty they stole together. Rather than return home to lick his wounds, Bonnet vows revenge against his former friend, obtains a new ship and begins piracy more. He seemed to be hanging it too, until he was caught, tried, convicted, and executed by pirate hunters in 1718.

what can we learn: Your work friends are not really your friends.

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