Hats off to Lance Reddick for the Eric Andre gag, ‘exquisite’ work

Lance Reddick, star of “The Wire” and “John Wick” franchises, who died Friday at age 60, left behind a legacy of dramatic performances. But one comedic spoof stayed with many viewers, who took to social media to salute the actor’s range.

As news of his death aired on Friday, fans flooded Twitter to ask the late star to rest in power, following his role as Lt. Daniels on HBO’s “The Wire” and “John Wick.” The films highlighted his role as the tritagonist hotel concierge Charon. And many praised his comedic turn as well, especially the moment when he “really upset” Comedian Eric Andre appears on “The Eric Andre Show”, part of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block.

Reddick appeared on talk shows in 2013 to plug “The Wire” and his ABC drama “Lost”. Unhappy with Andre’s opening lines and the incoherent antics of him and co-host Hannibal Buress, the agitated actor let out a huge sigh, stood up and waved him off – then quickly turned back and punched Andre’s wooden table.

“You need a new desk,” he said, exiting the stage and leaving Andre shaken and confused in his wake. He then returned in a hybrid costume that incorporated LeVar Burton’s “iconic slave role” in the miniseries “Roots” and his Visor eyewear from the “Star Trek” franchise.

Wearing only calf-length pants, the actor came out from behind a curtain declaring “I wish I was LeVar Burton” and made a profanity-laced rant about the “Reading Rainbow” alum.

“RIP Lance Reddick. One of my favorite actors and the only person to scare Eric Andre. In anything from John Wick to The Wire to Fringe he always gave the performance of his life. He will be fondly remembered,” Tweeted fan.

“Rest in peace Lance Reddick, an incredible actor with an amazing body of work. He lent his amazing and unique voice both literally and artistically to many different projects and characters throughout his career, but I would like to name him my favorite Eric Will always remember you for Andre. wrote another user.

,his greatest achievementand “one of the wildest Eric Andre shows ever,” other saw,

Burton, Burress and Andre have yet to respond publicly to Reddick’s death, but several other celebrities, including their “John Wick” counterparts, did. See those reactions here.

Here’s a look at several other reactions:

“Ah… sorry. a big loss. @lancereddick Rest in Peace my man. An amazing actor, and an even more amazing friend. Condolences and love to his family and all who knew him wrote,

“RIP to the incomparable Lance Reddick, one of my favorite actors… may his memory be a blessing to all his friends and family,” “Bizarre Foods” host Andrew Zimmern Tweeted.

“Lance Reddick is the kind of actor who makes every project better just by being there. This loss is irreparable. May his soul rest in peace.” screenwriter BJ Colangelo wrote,

“So sorry to hear about Lance Reddick. What a wonderful person He was a frequent guest and supporter [the Game Awards], Even recorded a one-year promo VO for us. An amazing actor who gave so much to sports, gone too soon.” Sports Awards Producer Geoff Keighley wrote,

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