‘Good way’ to check if your houseplant is ‘extra thirsty’ and prevent nasty ‘root rot’

Not all plants like sunlight, some prefer shaded areas so it is important to check which one the plant prefers and arrange accordingly.

Dani adds: “Indirect sunlight is the best option to avoid scorching the leaves and stay away from window sills as the sun can be very hot.”

A recent trend on social media has seen ice cubes being used to water orchids. It is believed that the ice cube will slowly melt into the soil, reducing the risk of over-watering the plant.

However, one expert has said that this “controversial subject” can be harmful to the orchid. Natalie Devereux, product specialist at Serenata Flowers, told Express.co.uk: “Watering orchids with ice cubes is a controversial topic among growers.

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