Gardening ‘mistakes’ that can have a ‘negative’ impact on house prices – a ‘deterrent’ for buyers

Having a garden is often seen as a luxury, regardless of its size. It can also make a huge difference in property prices, whether it is increasing or decreasing it. Anna Hampshire, head of marketing at Marshall, shares “common” mistakes that can shave money off your property’s value.

The expert explained: “If you are looking to sell your home, make sure the garden is also a selling point.

“Gardens that don’t receive sun all day should maximize the times that they do. It would be a mistake to locate seating in a shaded spot after 11 a.m., for example.

“Make sure large trees and shrubs don’t block the light from your windows and keep as much open space as possible.

“A poorly designed layout will put off a buyer, however, a well-designed one can help potential future owners envision themselves watching their children play safely.”

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“If they find their way into cracks in walls, they can outgrow them and also get in the way of water pipes.

“Simply removing them by the root will not kill them and it can cost thousands to get rid of them professionally.”

The cost of this type of Japanese knotweed removal ranges from £1,000 to £2,950.

According to OnTheMarket, this invasive weed can reduce property values ​​by 10 to 15 percent.

Another invasive plant is English ivy which is commonly seen growing along or in front of houses or walls.

The best way to remove ivy is to cut the stem with a sharp saw or secateurs and then dig it up before trying to find the root.

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