Gardening experts share a ‘very effective’ way to remove weeds and prevent them from returning

Weeds can be a nuisance as they like to appear in most places in the garden such as driveway cracks, patio areas, lawns as well as between plants. Removing weeds is essential to maintaining a healthy and thriving garden. While there are many types of chemical weed killers on the market, experts recommend a fast and natural way to get rid of them.

Speaking exclusively to, Daniel Carruthers, director of sales at Cultivar Greenhouses, said: “Weeds can be a real pain and keeping up with them is a long and messy task which many dislike.

“The most common garden weeds you’ll find in your garden are ground elder, dandelion and nettle, which can be difficult to get rid of.”

To remove them, advocates recommend digging them up rather than using a chemical or homemade weed killer.

Daniel said: “The most important thing to remember when doing a weed job is to make sure you dig them out from the roots.

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“As the mulch breaks down over time, it will need to be replaced every now and then, but it proves to be very effective.”

Jamie Shipley, managing director of Hedges Direct, agreed to use this approach for weeds as he claimed that using “harsh chemicals” would destroy your soil and they could “kill all the plants that need them”. with which they come into contact”.

He said: “Hedges Direct’s approach to weed removal would be that, rather than using chemicals and potentially affecting soil biodiversity, the most ecologically friendly approach would be to dig them up and use them as green waste where possible. Put it in the box.

“Once weeding is done you can put down mulch or bark clippings which helps to retain moisture and nutrients in the soil but also keeps out light which helps to suppress weed growth later Is.”

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Install-It-Direct’s experts were also in favor of manual weed removal, claiming it was the “best way” to get rid of weeds “quickly”.

He said: “Most gardeners look for natural ways to kill weeds specifically because they don’t want to pull them.

“However, this old-fashioned weed removal method is a perfect way to get a weed-free yard. But it’s the best way to get rid of weeds quickly.

“Most importantly, you need to get rid of the weeds that are starting to go to seed. When weeds go to seed, they produce hundreds of seeds and extend their life span significantly. “

Once existing weeds begin to set seeds, those seeds are scattered throughout the garden and make it “more difficult” to control the weeds.

After the weeds have been removed, horticulturalist Gena Loren of Fantastic Services agreed that mulch should be used to “inhibit their growth.”

She said: “To manage weeds, mulch the soil. It blocks sunlight from weeds, inhibits their growth and helps retain moisture.

Mulch can be garden compost, wood or bark shavings used to cover the soil. It can also be homemade leafmold, which is used from leaves collected over the years.

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