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Gardening experts explain how to reuse old Christmas trees in your garden – prevents weeds

“Let the tree dry out, put the branches in a shredder and let the wood chips decompose before shredding them around trees and shrubs. If you don’t have a wood chipper, pine needles work well too.” Because they dry quickly but rot slowly.

Gardeners will need to use a shredder to mulch the trees. Making sure they are wearing safety equipment (goggles and gloves), they need to cut the branches from the trunk and put them one by one into the shredder.

The trunk will usually be too thick to put in the shredder—it can be dried for use over an open fire, wood burner, or fire pit.

2. Use Wood Chips for Paths

If gardeners plan to convert the tree into wood chips for mulching, they can save some for filling garden paths, according to Pro.

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