Gardening: 7 ‘simple’ ways to stop the cold weather from damaging your garden floor

Rowan added: “The time required between each reseal depends on a number of factors, such as foot traffic, and the severity of the weather. If you leave them uncovered, debris such as moss and algae can enter the stones and cause complications.” can do.”

careful maintenance

It’s easy to neglect your garden when the weather is cold and uninviting in winter, but it’s important to take the time to clear frost and snow if and when it arrives.

Although white chrysalis are very rare in the UK, they are not impossible, so it is a good idea to invest in a spade for your patio. Rowan recommends plastic models because they’re “less likely to chip your paving stones,” meaning you can shovel snow “without fear of damage.”

When it comes to de-icing an icy patio, paving experts warn against using rock salt which is corrosive in nature.

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