Garden plants to ‘promote health and encourage bigger flowers’ in winter ‘always’

Although it is a low-maintenance shrub like ninebark, gardeners are advised to prune one-third of old stems to the ground to “promote new growth, prevent legging, and manage its size.”

Experts advise: “Cut out dead, damaged and diseased branches to prevent the spread of diseases. If you’re unsure whether the branch is live or dead, cut off the top, and if it’s white, it’s live.

5. Myrtle Crepe

With deep emerald foliage and paper-thin pink, white or lavender blooms, crepe myrtle is no stranger to the heights. If gardeners don’t keep them pruned, they shouldn’t be surprised to see it exceed 20 feet in height at maturity.

Nearly leafless in winter, this plant makes for “easy pruning,” according to the pros. Pruning these will make room for new growth.

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