Garden Plant Fertilizer: ‘Wonderful’ Kitchen Item to ‘Boost’ Plants – ‘Gulab Khilenge’

Gardeners may believe that most plants can obtain all the nutrients they need from sunlight or through water, and although this is true to some extent, plants still need Additional fertilizer nutrients will be needed to ensure that they are as healthy as possible. If gardeners don’t have access to chemical fertilizers, some suggest using banana peels as a “great” substitute. Gardeners suggested it on the Gardening UK Facebook page after a group member wanted to know if banana peels were wonderful or a waste of time.

Lola de Miguel wrote: “May I ask people’s opinion about banana peel fertilizer or banana tea for use in the garden?

“I’ve seen a lot of people say it’s wonderful and a lot of people say it’s a waste of time. I really want to try reducing my kitchen waste in other ways too, I hear Are eggshells good for soil too? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.”

Bananas are an excellent source of phosphorus and potassium for humans, and their peels do the same for plants.

Being rich in nutrients, banana peels are an excellent source of natural fertilizer for plants and gardens. They provide plants with potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.

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In the comments section, most gardeners were in favor of using banana peels in the garden, claiming they are especially great for roses.

Veronica Groom said: “The potassium-rich banana peel is great for roses. I only keep it around the roots. Be aware that banana skins are a choking hazard for dogs.

Mina Chance replied: “I tried it last year and my roses were amazing, so giving it a try again this year so I’ll definitely check that out.”

Gabriel Mendes commented: “I’m mixing banana peels in with the rest of my compost. My plants seem happier now this spring.”

Fong Yau said: “Last year I buried banana peels around my peony and it didn’t make any difference. However, this year it has come back really strong and has lots of flowery buds.

Rachel Cohen wrote: “If you have roses, it will give the plant a boost, so if you give them banana peels they will bloom profusely.

“I have a rose growing on my porch and I literally take my banana skin out there and the rose is always beautiful.”

Lucy Nunes agreed: “Every time I eat a banana I go around a rose bush even in the winter time, not sure if that works or not but roses always put on a show of flowers every year.” perform.

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“Bananas are rich in calcium and natural sugar which means good, so it’s really up to you, but mine goes in the trash bin, not the border, even potato peelings for the garden may well be.”

In response to Lucy, Gillian Neville said: “I am the same and my roses have wonderful blooms every year. They love potassium.

Rach Rach said: “I swear by a banana peel for success with all my roses.”

Rose Gillies wrote: “I find that banana peels work. My roses looked like they were dying so I dug them up and put banana peels in the soil around them and now they are doing really well.” Kind of growing.”

Lauren Jones said: “I find them fantastic, but I don’t like whole banana peels, so I just blot them with water and put that in.”

Banana peels provide many of the nutrients roses need to thrive, plus gardeners don’t need to compost them beforehand.

Speaking to, Angela Slater, horticulturist at Hayes Garden World, explained: “Banana peels are high in potassium which is essential for promoting flowering in your roses. It also helps in photosynthesis Helps which is the basis of growth of all plants.

“Banana peels also contain sulfur, manganese, calcium and magnesium which are also important for healthy plant growth.”

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