Estate agents share seven garden features that will devalue your home ‘significantly’

Beautifully presenting your outdoor space is a great way to attract buyers to your property. In fact, according to a previous study by AXA Insurance, well-kept gardens can help increase the value of a property by up to £2,000.

Taking the time to keep your garden neat and tidy will definitely earn you some extra points.

5. Broken fence panels and cracked walls

Fences don’t come cheap, which is why most home-searchers look for a property that isn’t broken. In fact, research by Tom has shown that broken fence panels or cracked walls can take £1,000 off the value of your home.

Fences or walls add a sense of privacy to a home, keep children safe and keep wild animals away. Without them, a garden shouldn’t feel like a place of solitude. Want to Sell Your Home? Time to mend that fence first.

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