Easiest way to never miss spot sweeping

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It really takes a little talent in crumbs and dust to refuse slide into your dustpan with broom, however, there is an easy way to collect them that you probably never thought. TeaHis hack has been all over TikTok for some time now and has given rise to many people since its disclosure last year. reaction video From those who want to try it themselves and see if it works. Spoiler alert: It works. All you need is a paper towel, water, broom, and dirt.

how to clean up that last mess

wPlace one side of a paper towel, then place the towel next to the dirt, dust, or debris you’re struggling to clean. UP. Gently wipe off dirt on a paper towel where there is moisture Will stick Cleaning is now easy, as all you have to do is collect the dirty towels and throw them in the dustbin.

In a pinch, you can use other paper items, like newspapers, which will do essentially the same thing. Just be careful when lifting and folding them, as they don’t manipulate as easily as a soft paper towel. and you might accidentally spill some shit The wringer folds right out as soon as you take it to the trash.

Of course, most of the time vacuuming is the final debris solution, so maybe you Wanting to be with him for big messes. Just make sure you’re doing it efficiently so you don’t have to fall back with your trusted paper towel. For example, don’t vacuum too fastmake sure you have the right kind of vacuum for your home, and keep things clean so it runs well,

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