Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan reunite for daughter’s dance show

Friendly Exile! jena dewan And Channing Tatum They recently reunited to support their daughter, Everly, at a dance competition.

cheater The actress, 42, shared a short video from the event on Tuesday, May 23, that showed her and magic mike’s last dance The star, 43, cheers on her 8-year-old. Dewan’s mother Nancy Lee Burshwas also part of Everly’s fan club, as was Dewan’s fiancée, steve cazzi,

“Nini in the City, First Place, Sunset, Flowers and Bedtime Stories,” The witches of East End the alum captioned the photo carousel, which also included selfies and pictures of her and Kazee’s 2-year-old son Callum.

Kazee, 47, also shared several pictures from the dance competition, which was won by Everly and her team. “The fee was great!” Walking Dead the alum wrote via Instagram on Sunday, May 21, referencing the Irish dance performed by Everly. “Proud proud stepparents bursting with pride! This little angel truly is one of a kind!”

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan jointly cheer for daughter Everly
Courtesy of Jenna Dewan / Instagram

Dewan and Tatum tied the knot in 2009 after meeting on the set of the 2006 film Come forward, After welcoming Everly in 2013, the former couple split in April 2018 and finalized their divorce the following year. super girl The alum later moved in with Kazee, and the two announced their engagement in February 2020. Tatum, for his part, is dating zoe kravitz From 2021 onwards.

Since their split, the Diwan and logan lucky The actors have maintained a cordial co-parenting relationship. A source exclusively revealed, “Channing has nothing but the utmost respect for Jenna.” us weekly earlier this month. “He will always hold her in the highest regard as the mother of his child and nothing can ever change that.”

The insider added that the pair have a “wonderful co-parenting relationship and very healthy communication” despite the breakup, noting that “things are great between them, and they’ve managed things very smoothly.”

In the meantime, she’s following in her famous parents’ footsteps, pursuing a hobby in Irish dancing. “We always had this joke that coming from two dance parents, she wasn’t interested at all,” come Dance With Me the judge specifically stated We In April 2022. “Lately, she wants to do Irish dancing … of her own accord.”

politely you The author further added that her daughter was inspired to entertain after seeing the traditional dance performed. “She was like, ‘Oh my God, I want to do that.’ And now she’s going to Irish dancing classes,” Dewan explained. “She’s very serious about it. She loves him. We are there to win it… in our own way. That’s very Evie. She wants to do things in her own unique way. It’s great.”

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