Captain Lee Says ‘Below Deck’ Departure Came ‘Out of Left Field’

an unplanned exit. captain lee was shocked as below deck Fans from the news of his absence from season 11.

“That came right out of left field. I didn’t see that one coming,” the 73-year-old skipper exclusively told us weekly about his departure from the Bravo franchise while promoting his partnership with Dramamine earlier this month.

The former reality star said the network did not share the exact reason for the decision. “We want to move in a new direction,” Lee recalled being told of his offscreen exit. “But I mean, it’s kind of a cliché that everybody uses when they find themselves in a position where they let someone go. ‘I’m going to move in a new direction.’ Want to freshen up a bit. [They are] Tired cliches that are overused.

Viewers basically watched the Michigan native during Season 10 to overcome his health issues. was replaced by below deck mediterranean‘S captain sandy before returning to meet the end of the charter season. We reported in February that Lee would be replaced below deck adventure‘S captain kerry For season 11 as new episodes film in Granada.

Lee has since hinted at a comeback. below deck The future is not off the table, telling We“If they find out they need me back on the show, I’ll go back. I’ve done it for 10 years and I’d like to do it on different terms—if I’m going to get out of it.”

The TV personality, who has appeared on the show since its 2013 debut, also reflected on what he would have done differently in its final season.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t do it all season. I really do. I’ve never given up on anything in my life and it was hard for me to get off that boat. To admit that I lost — or knocked out at least – and was receiving [out] was not [ideal],” Lee continued. “I had to get back up and get back on the boat, which I accomplished and felt really good. But telling the crew that I had to leave was because at that point I was more of a liability than an asset – that’s hard to accept on my own.

Lee has since shifted focus by teaming up with Dramamine and launching their Ditch the Drama sweepstakes. The raffle gives three winners the chance to experience a dream vacation to their top destination anywhere in the world – all planned by Travelocity’s travel experts.

“Planning vacations and stuff is hard on people. First, they have to agree on where to go and when to go and how much they can spend. And then we have to pack and who’s going to watch the dog.” Has been,” explained the Bravo star We, “But drama is saying, ‘We’ll take care of drama for you. We’ll get it out of the way.’ They are giving away three grand prizes that include a trip to anywhere in the world of your choice.

He said: “And they’re going to take care of all the planning. Everything’s going to be scheduled and scheduled for you. They’re going to take all the drama out of your summer holiday plans. If you want to enter – and You can enter as many times as you like – no purchase necessary.

Dramamine Ditch the Drama Sweepstakes is Now Open.

With reporting by Cristina Garibaldi

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