Calculation in the Pitru family- Family in the house Pitru, Pitru’s Muhurta. In what forms do ancestors come home during the Pitru Paksha Muhurta of Pitru Paksha?

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Family in paternal inheritance in paternal family?


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They are also bad in terms of pollution. The depositors will not have to make any deposit.


The cow-dog is praised in Shradh. To submit, enter anything to make a deposit. Vaba k se patri gan ki ki aat aat aat aat ko ko ko ko

Father’s Day

Qutup and Rahuhin Muhurta are auspicious for performing Shradh and Tarpan in Pitru. Shradh should be done after the end of the aparahan period.

Qutup Muhurta – 11.59 am – 12.49 pm

Time: 49

Ruhin Muhurta 12.49 am – 01.38 pm

Time: 49

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