Britney Spears, mother Lynn reunite for first time in 3 years

Britney Spears reveals she and mom Lynn reconnected for the first time in 3 years: 'Time heals all wounds'

Britney Spears and Lynn Spears. Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock; Michael Simon/Startraks

together again. Britney Spears revealed that she has been reunited with her mother, lynn spearsThe pop star’s tumultuous conservatism ended two years after the fight.

The Grammy winner, 41, captioned a childhood photo dressed as a ballerina on Thursday, May 25, via Instagram: “My sweet mommy showed up at my door yesterday after 3 years… It’s been such a long time Is.” There are always things that need to be worked on… but time heals all wounds!!!”

Britney noted that she felt “so blessed” that she and her mother were able to “fix things” when she was finally able to communicate “what I’ve held back for so long.”

The musician wrapped up his post by saying that he “loves” Lynn so much, adding, “I am so blessed that we can have coffee together after 14 years!!!” Let’s go shopping later!!!” The final sentence appears to refer to his 13-year conservatory – which was set to expire in November 2021 – during which he was not allowed to consume caffeine.

The “Toxic” singer’s conservatism began in 2008 after several public conflicts and a divorce from her ex-husband kevin federline — with whom she shares her two sons, Sean, 17, and Jayden, 16. For years, Brittany’s father, jamie spears, had legal control over his property, as well as final say in decisions regarding his career, finances, and personal life. two months before the end of the guardianship, us weekly confirmed that Jamie, 70, had been removed as guardian of his estate.

After Britney filed to replace Jamie jason rubin As her guardian in July 2021, Lynn – who also shares son Brian, 46, and daughter Jamie Lynn, 32, with her ex-husband – weighed in on her daughter’s legal battle.

“I got involved in this guardianship because I wanted to make sure that everything in my daughter’s life was handled in the best interest of my daughter’s guardian, who I didn’t trust at the time (and I still don’t today) Ho,” wrote the announcement received by the Through the Storm author We those days.

Lynn also claimed that Britney’s relationship with Jamie was “reduced to nothing but fear and hatred” because of his “absolute control over her, her distrust of him, her coercion over him, her ‘bartering’ with him”. There was what she could and could not do, whatever reward or punishment she was willing to give, her constant threats, and all aspects of her life to decide.

Britney, for her part, later claimed that her relationship with her mother was not much better. “My dad may have started the guardianship 13 years ago… but what people don’t know is that my mom is the one who gave him the idea,” she alleged in a since-deleted Instagram post from November 2021. “I’ll never get those years back…he secretly ruined my life.”

The “Womanizer” singer – who tied the knot with husband Sam Asghari In 2022—the following year doubled down on her comments, calling the guardianship a “set up” by her parents in a since-deleted YouTube video.

“I had no drugs in my system. No drinking. Nothing. It was pure abuse,” she claimed in August 2022. “And I haven’t really even shared half of it.”

Lynn responded to Britney’s scathing comments in an Instagram post not long after. “Britney, your whole life I’ve done my best to support your dreams and wishes,” she captioned an old photo of the two of them. “And also, I have tried my best to get you out of difficulties! I have never turned my back on you and never will! Countless times your rejections and calls frustrate me! I have tried everything I love you so much, but this talk is just for you and me, eye to eye, alone ❤️🙏.”

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