Blessings from ancestors with food to the crow. Shradh Paksha 2022: Blessings of ancestors will be given by feeding crows

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This story is related to Mata Sita. Who was the first to be formed by Jayant of Devraj Indra, the ruler of heaven in heaven? Then in the pair, Jayant did the cording in the form of Mata Mata Sita by pecking at the pyre. Seeing this, Lord Rama got angry on the crow and saw that he strikes one eye. One eye is lost from the blow. On realizing the mistake, please forgive your transgression to Lord Shri Ram. Enlisted as Shriram, they will secure him.

Bhog of those who believe in Shradh
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Dis Kalmar: The complete information about this scheme is on the basis of separate book and hearing. claims that all this information is correct. For complete and complete information subscribe to the respective field knowledgeable (astrologer, vastu shastri).

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