Best places to catch the northern lights in 2023

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After a few years of limited international travel, people are more eager than ever to take their bucket-list trips to far-flung destinations—and we No one is getting smaller.

If you are yearning to see the Northern Lights and are planning to trek In 2023, it would help to know where This is your best chance to experience the Aurora Borealis in person. fortunately, the Travel expert at put together list of sites to consider, Here’s what to know.

How to Increase Your Chances of Seeing the Northern Lights

Before we get into the destinations, we want to mention some general things strategies to maximize your chances To Catch the Northern Lights:

  • September to April These are the best months to plan a trip.
  • Although you can’t control the weather, you can schedule your trip around the moon: the northern lights will be most visible new or crescent moon,
  • get as far away from cities and light pollution as possible.

Best places to see the Northern Lights in 2023

according to expertsYour Best Chance to See the Northern Lights in 2023 From one of the following destinations:


  • revontuli: about 15 minutes from Hanksalmi Observatory; Also a classic Finnish sauna and spa town
  • nelim: Another spa town with views of the Northern Lights frozen shores of lake inari


  • Tromsø: port city; Take a boat tour for the best views
  • Alta: Tundra, surrounded by mountains and forests; The Northern Lights are visible most nights


  • Abisko: Home of Abisko National Park and the Aurora Sky Observatory
  • sorry: Sweden’s northernmost city with a high-end “camp” (resort) Designed for Northern Lights seekers


  • clifftop lake: 30 minutes outside Reykjavik, but potentially less crowded than Thingvellir National Park (located near the capital)
  • sandageri: fishing village on a peninsula in the southwestern part of the island with sweeping views of the horizon


  • Northwest Territories: A remote landscape of barren, forests, mountains, lakes, islands, and tundra
  • Yukon: Dawson City’s Midnight Dome home and other facilities for tourists hoping to see the Northern Lights

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