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Avoid lawn mistakes over winter or risk ‘patchy’ grass come spring, according to experts

4. Not watering the lawn

Like all living organisms, grass needs water to perform all kinds of functions and to help it stay hydrated. Although grass doesn’t grow as rapidly during the winter months, it still needs water to keep its roots from dying.

Autumn can often be a particularly wet period for lawns, but as the colder months begin, watering can become scarce again. For this reason, gardeners may need to water from time to time during the winter to help keep their lawn alive and healthy.

Jack said: “There is a common misconception that homeowners don’t need to water their plants during the winter due to leaf fall or rain.

“This is not the case, your lawn, plants and shrubs still need water, or they will become dehydrated. Continue to water your lawn throughout the winter to keep it healthy during harsh weather.”

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