Ariana Madix reacts to Sandoval, Raquel’s ‘I love you’ scene

ariana madix expressed his honest views at a time when his former tom sandoval And Raquel Lewis But said “I love you” vanderpump rules Season 10 Finale.

“That scene was so tight on so many levels,” Maddix, 37, said Tuesday, May 23, during the hosting of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. alex cooper, “And I think it was that scene and the conversation that I saw that made me [think] When you asked me, ‘Is this [romance between Tom and Raquel] Do you understand?’ I was like, ‘No.’

But pump rule The finale – which aired on May 17 – saw Sandoval, 40, and Lewis, 28, declaring their love for each other after the former beauty queen mistakenly mistaken the TomTom co-owner. The pair were discussing how their families had taken the news about their affair.

“I love you too,” he replied at the time. “I said they love you,” he clarified. “But I love you too.”

Cooper, 28, said it was “weird” to watch the moment and Maddix agreed. When the podcaster asked the Florida native how she felt about her ex and her former friend’s declaration of love, Maddix admitted that she “kind of knew” where the pair were before the episode aired. Was.

Ariana Madix Reacts to Tom Sandoval and Raquel Lewis' Finale 'I Love You' Scene: 'Pretty Distress on So Many Levels'

Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval and Raquel Lewis. Cindy Ord/Bravo; shutterstock (2)

us weekly It was confirmed in March that Maddix and Sandoval called it quits after dating for nearly a decade after she learned he was having an affair with Lewis. Tom Sandoval and Most Extras frontman initially faced backlash by addressing the drama but not mentioning his ex-girlfriend at all. Sandoval backtracked and issued a second statement publicly apologizing to Maddix.

Before news of the scandal surfaced, the Bravo series had already wrapped filming for Season 10. However, after the shocking breakup the cameras started rolling again. while some pump rule The stars filmed additional scenes separately before they all reunited on March 23 to film the reunion special – which begins on Wednesday, May 24. an insider told We That time Lala Kent And james kennedy “Got mad” at Lewis and Sandoval at the reunion.

“The artist was out of control,” said the source. “James took Tom Sandoval while Lala took Raquel Lewis and the two of them set her on fire and burned her alive with her shadow. Lala and James literally yelled at Raquel and Tom for hours.

A source said that regarding Sandoval and Lewis We That the two are taking their romance slowly and seeing where things take them.

“Tom and Raquel never broke up because they were never a couple before,” says the insider about the Schwartz & Sandy cofounder and California native. “Things were up in the air, and he didn’t have any labels on the status of things.”

three parts vanderpump rules The reunion special begins airing on Bravo Wednesday, May 24 at 9 p.m. ET.

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