Ariana Madix doesn’t think Tom Sandoval had an affair with Billy Lee

Ariana Madix Explains Why She Doesn't Think Tom Sandoval Had An Affair With Billy Lee

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stop the rumors ariana madix explained why she is not looking forward to speculation tom sandoval And billy lee had an affair.

“The reason I don’t do it – I understand it sounds crazy because Raquel [Leviss] He was someone I loved and trusted — but I trust Billy Lee wouldn’t do that,” Maddix, 37, said on the Tuesday, May 23, episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Sandoval’s with Lewis. Referring to the forgery scam, 28.

The Something About Her cofounder confirmed that she and Lee, 39, “talked” online after the rumors resurfaced. comes after Maddix’s insight Lala Kent mentioned his theory during the season 10 finale of vanderpump rules,

“A few years ago, I heard rumors that Tom and Billie Lee had moved and do whatever they do,” the 32-year-old Utah native said during a confessional. “We need to re-open that case. It went cold and I don’t think it needs to go cold any more.”

Earlier in the episode, the founder of Dem Dem Lala Beauty told james kennedy, allied labor And Katie Maloney She didn’t consider that Sandoval’s affair with Lewis was the first time he had cheated on Maddix. ,us weekly It was confirmed in March that Schwartz & Sandy’s entrepreneurs and Maddix left due to Sandoval’s months-long affair with Lewis.)

Ariana Madix reveals why she doesn't think Tom Sandoval had an affair with Billy Lee

Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval and Billy Lee attend the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation 30th A Time for Heroes Family Festival on October 27, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. mediapunch/Shutterstock

“You think this is the first time he’s creeping around? No one chooses straight out, ‘I’m going to cheat on my girl with her best friend.’ No, it’s relaxing,” Kent claimed.

In addition to his affair with Lewis, the TomTom co-founder admitted to another instance of infidelity during the dramatic finale. When shayna shay asked if she has a long term hookup Annemarie Maldonado (née Kunkel) – aka “Miami Girl” – actually happened, Sandoval replied, adding, “Ariana has always known the truth about this.”

Maddix confirmed the revelation during an appearance Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen which aired directly after the finale.

“They slept together before he and I were exclusive,” she said, adding that she first lied on behalf of her ex-boyfriend because she didn’t want people to think the worst of the man I was spending money on. Was planning with the rest of my life.

Sandoval and Lee, for their part, first became friends when the then-sur hostess joined the Bravo series as a recurring cast member for Season 6 in 2017. In April, the pair were spotted hanging out together outside his and Maddix’s shared home. Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend kristen doute The latter denounced Lee for hooking up with the musician amid his cheating scandal.

“As she cried at Ariana’s house days after Ari found out…smh,” Daute, 40, commented on an Instagram post at the time.

Lee wrote back, “@kristendoute yes I was crying because they are both my family! It was sad and still is! What were you doing while I was crying!? Taking selfies with literally everyone including Ariana.” Like, who does!? It looked like a funeral and you were taking selfies.

Shay, meanwhile, agreed with Kent’s theory about Sandoval and Lee when in May during an episode of his “Shenanigans” podcast.

“I think it’s true. I think a lot now because I think I’ve only seen the good. And now, I see a lot of the bad,” the “Good as Gold” singer told Guest peter madrigal, “I don’t know. I think maybe something happened to her and Billy that day. And they just made a pact, you know, not to tell anybody. Because why would they?”

Shortly before Maddix addressed the play, the Florida native came to Lee’s defense when she was spotted walking her dog. “Billie helping out when I’m out of state for work is a good thing, but Maia is my dog ​​and that article should correct itself. ❤️,” Maddix wrote on Sunday, May 21, via Instagram. referring to the headline, which claimed Lee was taking care of Sandoval’s dog.

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