Alan Tishmarsh shares 10 ‘trouble-free’ plants you ‘can’t kill’ – ‘never a fuss’

6. Astrantia

Astrantias, also known as Hattie’s pincushion or masterwort, are attractive perennials with branching heads of neat pincushion flowers surrounded by lush white bracts in summer.

Allen explained that the plant was thought of as a filler herb, but with a number of new cultivars that have deep red flowers or longer petioles, it is “a great choice” for moist soil. has been made.

7. Choisya

Choisya, also known as Mexican orange blossom, is a beautiful evergreen shrub with attractive foliage and fragrant flowers, produced over a long period.

Gardening Pro said: “Mexican orange blossom is a vigorous evergreen shrub that responds well to clipping. I’ve used it as a Christmas box replacement, creating a waist-high rolling sea of ​​leaves and fragrant white flowers in May.” has been made.

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