Alan Tishmarsh Gardens: inside the horticulturist’s breathtaking private garden

his lawn

The space is flanked by neatly maintained lawns and tree-lined paths, which should be the highlight of the garden. They’re impeccably manicured—and the perfect length.

As a fan of organic gardening for over 30 years, Alan does not use chemical weed killers or fertilizers. His lawn gets a feed of blood, fish, and bonemeal, and daisies and dandelions are pulled out with a daisy-grubber. Small weeds are allowed to remain.

his greenhouse

Alan’s love affair with greenhouses began early, when he built his first greenhouse, aged 12, out of salvaged wood piles, scraps of wood and a sheet of polythene.

Their current structure is smart enough, with a Victorian design, but “the joy remains the same”. He grows some of his favorite plants there, from pelargoniums to geraniums, and cucumbers to tomatoes, plus a sweet mimosa from Elton John’s garden.

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