Alabama Barker reacts to backlash after teased rap song

Alabama Barker reacts to backlash after teased rap song

alabama barker Michelle Eve Sandberg / shutterstock for PrettyLittleThing Miami Swim Week

clap back alabama barker Responded to critics after a teaser of his new rap song drew backlash from social media users.

“I’m tired of saying I don’t know nothing about rap music, I don’t know nothing about rap music, I was nothing,” the 17-year-old influencer said. People, “So, let’s have a little field day in my life because you guys know it all too well.”

Kishore then shared a picture of himself posing beside nicki minajwho visited with his father, travis barkeras the opening acts Lil Wayneit’s 2011 i am music ii Travel “The tour was when I was about 5,” Alabama recalled. ,[I was] At the age of 5, she watches her set every day. I knew every song.


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The California native also showed fans a photo of herself with the “A Milly” rapper, 40. When Rihanna Shot the 2007 “Umbrella” music video.

“Since I could walk, I was in the music industry. I was watching my dad perform in punk bands, rock bands, rap concerts, everything,” Alabama told her followers. To those who say, ‘Oh, she doesn’t know anything about rap music. She didn’t grow up around rap music. Why is she doing this? Why is she doing this?’ I’ve been influenced by punk rock my whole upbringing.

meet the barkers The alum said: “I know I’m privileged, and I’m grateful and blessed for that. It’s not okay for people to make fun of or disrespect any culture. So, if I, being a rapper, bothers you, you can just walk away and stop commenting.

The reality star responded to critics of her personal style, specifically the long manicure she’s been wearing lately. “Everyone is telling me, ‘Oh, she wants to wear nails now,’ [and]’She thinks she’s this, this and that,’ this was in 2012,” Alabama said, sharing an old photo that showed her with long nails.

Earlier this month, the teenager came under fire after she shared a clip of her lip-syncing to an original rap song. “But listen, what the fk you’re all talkin’ about / I’m Alabama, know me, I can spell on you,” the song went. “Treat me like your mama, drip me in some designer, make me out of the snow like a boy, I’m wild’ / You know the type of energy, don’t treat me like it’s a 10 for me / You better not be texting, treat your exes like your enemies.”

When a commenter replied, “You can buy a lot of things but you can’t buy a flow,” Alabama was quick to respond. “You can buy everything, not life,” she wrote.

The model also responded positively to the comment, supporting her right to “try out” music if she wanted to. “Like [for real]Alabama responded.

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