15,000 women in India underwent breast reduction operations in 2021. india news

Mumbai: While breast implants receive a lot of attention, an increasing number of Indian women are forced to undergo surgery to reduce their heavy breasts due to serious physical and psychological problems.
A corporate lawyer, 31-year-old Pooja (name changed) fulfilled her 15-year-old wish in December 2022 when she underwent a reduction surgery. Made me very alert. I developed a stoop, lacked confidence and chose to swim only when I was alone in the pool,” she said.
She is not alone. In 2021, nearly 15,000 women across India will opt to have fat and glandular tissue removed from their breasts, while the number (31,608) of women getting breast implants is expected to double. However, the picture changes when the number of women (11,520) who havebreast lift,

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In 2021, around 15,000 women will opt to have fat and glandular tissue removed from their breasts, while 31,608 women will have implants. However, the picture changes when you add the number of women (11,520) who opted for a ‘breast lift’, another plastic surgery procedure that only tightens tissues rather than removing them and results in ‘smaller’ looking breasts is: reduce the number of women’s breasts roughly equal to the number of women who want to increase them.
Dr. Devyani Barve, plastic surgeon attached to Nanavati Hospital, Juhu, said, “In my practice in the last five years, I have performed twice as many surgeries as breast augmentation and reduction surgeries.” Dr Anil Tibrewala, plastic surgeon at Mahim’s Hinduja Hospital, has seen an increase in the demand for breast reduction surgery and breast lift in the last three years.
He attributes this to two factors: “The average breast size in India is larger than in France. And, today’s youth make up their mind quickly, so if a 17-year-old girl wants to reduce the size of her breasts due to physical discomfort, her parents are extremely supportive,” he said.
The Indian trend is quite different from the global one, where according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 16.2 lakh women opted for breast augmentation, compared to 4.3 lakh for reduction. Another 6 lakh women around the world opted for LIFT.
Reduction, Dr Barve said, is often a necessity for some Indian women, especially those whose breast size is not in proportion to the rest of their body. “Indian women have heavy and fibrous breasts. Some of my patients need to wear cups in sizes G, H and beyond,” she said. These women tend to lean forward or slouch and suffer lower back pain. Dr. Barve added, Many people have to pull their bra straps so tight that they end up with deep lines and blisters.” “Usually the first symptom is shoulder pain,” Dr. Tibrewala said.
In India, many people spend thousands of rupees on ‘alternative options’ like firming creams, hormonal pills and steroids because the awareness about surgical options is low.
One patient said that her breast size was “too large” for her five-foot frame. “I envy girls who can wear tight clothes, but the worst is neck and shoulder pain,” she said. A plastic surgeon recalled a patient whose 5kg breasts affected her sleep. The doctor said, “He felt that the weight on his chest did not allow him to breathe while lying down.”
While the cost cuts between Rs 1.5 lakh in smaller hospitals and Rs 4 lakh in super-specialty ones, health insurance does not cover it as it is seen as cosmetic surgery.
For Pooja, who opted for reduction surgery after the birth of her daughter, the experience was liberating. “I feel confident at work. I don’t know why I wasted 10 years not having surgery.

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