15 delayed movies that are finally coming in 2023

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in in addition to being global disaster in many ways that matter morecovid A wrecking ball took place for the film industry, and Hollywood is still cleaning up the wreckage. countless movies have been re-edited, delayed and outright canceled as a result of necessary COVID restrictions, illness, turmoil in financial markets, and lack of audience.

The Pandemic Is Three Years Old, But Your Local Megaplex Is Still Feeling Its Effects This Year global box office is coming down some 40% from the formerEpidemic Level, This year, part of the problem was due to lack of supply :RRelease dates for major tentpole blockbusters-Yours aquamansYours captain marvel-moved so many times that we went long periods of time, especially in the fall, without enough new releases on offer for people to come out again in cinemas.

Will things finally return to normal in 2023? Perhaps. H15 films bootlegged around the calendar by COVID-related delays, Though Sometimes only because other delayed films pushed them back on the release calendar are finally arriving in theaters. Hopefully someone will show up to buy a ticket.

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