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Video games are one of the many forms of gaming that exist alongside board games, tabletop RPGs, and collectible card games. Unsurprisingly, many popular video games are often adapted to various tabletop formats.

are large-scale board games that adapt the gameplay of popular video games into cooperative tabletop adventures. Some standouts include monster Hunter, Skyrim, Conflict, Apocalypse, domestic evil, Devil May Cry, And Horizon: Zero Dawn, from softwares dark Souls and its spinoffs like Bloodborne and (coming soon) eldon ring There is also a massive co-operative dungeon crawler with many expansions to collect. Be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars on some of these games and their associated add-ons.

There are also smaller board games based on family friendly games such as door, minecraftAnd pac man Which are easy to install and run, and more economical.

If you’re looking for something to switch up d and d pen-and-paper RPG set in the world of Night, Magician And dark SoulsOr you can take them back in time with one of the popular video games such as TTRPGs. Vampire: The Masquerade, shadowrun, And cyberpunk,

Lastly, there are a number of card games associated with video game franchises. pokemon trading card game most obvious, but are based on card games last dream, warcraft, and of course) dark Souls And Bloodborne,

Whatever franchise or theme you choose, this can be a great way for video game fans to try a new gaming format or to introduce your tabletop gamer friends to your favorite video game franchises.

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