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12 Criminally Overlooked Video Games You Can Still Play Today

Jet Set Radio HD Official Trailer (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

jet set radio 2000 is the perfect encapsulation of Sega’s vibe: It’s fast, loud, and dripping with punk rock attitude, and it strikes that iconic balance between arcade action and top-shelf presentation that many Dreamcast games strike.

Players control various members of a rollerblading street gang, performing spectacular tricks and covering the near-future city of Tokyo-Too in colorful graffiti, while clashing with an eclectic soundtrack of hip-hop, rock and electronic music. Unfortunately, the Dreamcast was hampered by poor sales and subsequent discontinuation in 2001. jet set radioIt was a commercial success until it was ported to PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Xbox 360 in 2012. jet set radio hd,

Second game in the series, Jet Set Radio: The FutureLaunched on Xbox in 2002, just a year after the untimely demise of the Dreamcast. Future Equally a sequel and remake, based on the original’s gameplay, graphics, and art direction, it remains one of the best Xbox exclusives out there. Different jet set radio, Jet Set Radio: The Future It was never ported to other platforms. However, the team behind both games is working on a spiritual successor, bomber cyber funkWhich is planned to leave in 2023.

Available at: Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5

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